Cannabis Packaging: What to Know!


Yes, the boom in the cannabis and marijuana industry has prompted state governments to set certain rules and requirements in regards to how the product is packaged and sold. Included are regulations that require cannabis and marijuana dispensaries to make use of high-grade or high-quality product packaging. Additionally, a few state governments require that Cannabis Packaging should be opaque to make sure no one sees what is inside. To comply with these laws, the government-regulated dispensaries use cannabis packaging such as plastic canisters, glass jars, and more.

Cannabis packaging offers protection for the product. Being stored in proper packaging made of plastic or glass helps keep the product safe and ensures its quality. It also keeps the product away from children and pets.

There are two common types of closures that work great for cannabis packaging. Child-Resistant Closures, also known as CRC, meet and exceed all state safety regulations. We offer sizes ranging from 38 - 89mm. Continuous Thread Closures can also be used, and seal in freshness and extend shelf-life. These closures are available in many sizes and colors.

Bottles and vials have become a widely used form of medical cannabis packaging, but we’re also seeing the emergence of new forms of protective packaging, especially among environmentally conscious suppliers. In order to help the environment, we can provide medical cannabis packaging pouches and bags that preserve organic matter and protect against moisture. This type of packaging is made from organic material that keeps out oxygen, odor, vapor and light.


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